Copiandole a la Gaga y no en las cosas decentes o interesantes de ella.

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Katy Perry began her ‘Prismatic’ tour in Northern Ireland on May 7, and part of her show is a tape of her puking up — and then playing around with — a whole mess of paint. Is she copying Lady Gaga? Click through to watch it happen!

Oh, Katy Perry. Why? The 29-year-old singer kicked off her Prismatic tour in Belfast in Northern Ireland on May 7, and part of the show features a tape in which you see her sticking her finger in her mouth in an almost sexy way, and then vomiting paint everywhere. Green paint! If you’re getting a sense of déjà vû, you’re not wrong for it — this was Lady Gaga‘s move during her performance at the SXSX Festival on March 13. Is Katy stepping on Lady Gaga’s game once again? And is this something that really begged to be replicated?

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