I have never met Taylor Swift in person. I haven’t even attended to one of her shows as she haven’t toured near my country. Yet she has inspired me since I was 16. The outside and A place in this world made me feel understood. My first sort of boyfriend told me he thought about us with Love Story and You belong with me.


Later when I still felt hurt about my bullying story she gave me Mean and a couple of years later I could cry my first heartbreak with All too well. Clean was another song that helped me heal. Call it what you want but she helped me go back into writing and I’ve finished my first book and I am starting a second one. She inspired me to write about my feelings and create art. 


She also now inspires as a powerful woman who uses her voice to stand up to help others, like when she spoke about politics in the last mid term elections after giving up to her silence. She is kind and helps others, like Kesha with her trial, or attending and going to the last consequences with her own trial for sexual assault.


She visits her fans and tries to communicate with us as I haven’t seen a global superstar do. Now she is speaking about Pride and taking concrete actions besides talking. Her actions have been always louder than her words. 


She has been a part of my life for the last 13 years and I can’t wait to see what is her next chapter after Reputation, and now I have someone to whom I can dedicate Delicate, because my own reputation’s never been worse so he must love me for ME!